I Meant To Do That!

I’ve been resisting starting a blog almost since blogs became a thing. I was (and remain) convinced that amidst the massive onslaught of published data, there was more need for ways to find what one was looking for than Yet Another random brain-dump.

But I’m starting to realize that as an experienced programmer (approaching retirement), part-time locksmith (mostly doing jobs for a friend’s condo association these days), amateur repairman of many things, beginning woodworker, and occasional dabbler  at everything else, it may be worth blogging when I find solutions that could save someone else a few hours. I’m still not sure I will sustain this, but there’s only one way to find out.

So: Welcome to “I Meant To Do That” — sometimes said triumphantly, sometimes said out of embarrassment, but — I hope — always said in a way that’s entertaining and, hopefully, educational.